Safe Trails: A Few of My Favorite Things

winter cycling attire EWikum 400

by Erick Wikum

This picture shows four of my favorite clothing articles for enjoying the out-of-doors in winter weather. My most favorite is a bicycling jacket. This jacket not only protects me from the wind, but also, combined with base layers, keeps me warm on even very cold days. The zipper allows me to regulate my temperature; zipping or unzipping by an inch can make a big difference. With its glow-in-the-dark armbands, this jacket keeps me safe and warm day or night.

Two of my favorite clothing articles keep my head warm—a headband for warmer winter days and a balaclava for colder winter days. Both items are compact and can easily be carried in a pocket. Both are made of breathable fabric to prevent moisture buildup. Both can be combined with sport glasses for extra face protection. In fact, the headband has slots to hold glasses in place. The balaclava can be combined with a hat for extra warmth.

The fourth of my favorite clothing articles keep my hands warm. Lobster mitts provide added warmth by grouping pairs of fingers together, while still allowing for dexterity. These gloves feature windproof outer panels and long cuffs to cover wrists.

Dressing properly is just one of the things I consider when venturing out during the winter. These previous Safe Trails articles contain tips I follow as well:
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January 2023

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