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The Little Miami State Park, a trail corridor park, is approximately 50 miles long and 66 feet wide. It starts at Avoca Park, just south of Milford, a suburb of Cincinnati, and meanders northeast along the banks of the Little Miami River to Hedges Road, just south of Xenia, Ohio. The park is the right-of-way of the old Little Miami Railroad and the paved trial is where its steel tracks once ran.  It provides recreation for bicycling, walking, jogging, rollerblading, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. Many people use the trail as a safe place to exercise, making it an important resource in our nation's fight against obesity and other health concerns. horse and cycle487

The park is an excellent place to experience nature.  The hillsides are amply wooded, and after a good spring rain, they're striped with rushing streams.  In the summer, the broad river valley is populated with crossing deer, colorful song birds, hundreds of wildflower species, and people canoeing and fishing.  The fall foliage is beautiful, and the quieter winter months offer visitors darting red Cardinals against snow-covered sloping views.

The park spans most of the Little Miami Scenic Trail and connects with several hundred miles of trail that make up the Miami Valley trail system. Its full length is part of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail that spans over 300 miles from Cincinnati to Cleveland.

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