Documents & Forms


FLMSP Bylaws - 2022.06.05
ODNR's Little Miami State Park Management Plan - 2012.02.19

Tax Documents - 2021  
FLMSP-ODNR Agreement 2023-24  
FLMSP-ODNR Agreement addendum 2023-24


Purchase Approval & Reimbursement - 2015.08.18, MDresch
Mileage and Meal Reimbursement
Conflict of Interest
Privacy Online
Records Retention and Disposition
Trail Signage

Expense Reimbursement


Volunteer Agreement Forms

FLMSP Auto Liability form (for drivers on the trail)
2-2022 Individual Volunteer ODNR Form


"Your Trail Needs You" Tri-fold - 2019.08.pdf, JSlater
This is a two-sided document; print first page and reinsert to print second page on reverse.

Counting Program

2022 Trail Usage Report

Equipment Inventories

Chainsaw Crew Caches - 2014.10.08, DMills
Tool Caches - 2014.10.08, DMills
Special Equipment, Adopter & Volunteer Supplies - 2014.10.08, DMills
Cincinnati Community Toolbank - 2014.04.23


Trail Adopters Guide - 2015.11.21, original version
Trail Adopters Guide (abridged) - 2015.11.21, abridged version
Trail Sentinel Duties - 2021.05, DHahn
Chainsaw Teams Guide - 2013.09.23
Chainsaw Maintenance - 2022.09, RForrester
Debris Blower Instructions - 2013.11.06
Debris Blower Operator Safety Training video
Bump Grinding Procedure - 2013.11.15
Root Cutter Action Plan - 2015.11.11, GStockham

Native Plants Recommended for Planting in Scenic River Corridors


Invasive Plant Control

Autumn Olive
Japanese Knotweed
Oriental Bittersweet
Tree of Heaven

Original Trail Plan Maps

1 Terrace Park Site Plans
2 Milford to Loveland Plans
3 Loveland to Morrow Plans
4 Morrow to Oregonia Plans
5 Oregonia to Corwin Plans
6 Corwin Staging Area
7 Corwin to Hedges Plans

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