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Master List of all recognized features and maintenance needs on the trail: Excel spreadsheet must be downloaded to view
Right of Entry - 2016.09.14, ODNR
FLMSP Strategic Plan - 2014.06.25
FLMSP By-Laws Revision - 2021.11
FLMSP By-Laws - 2010.04.16
ODNR's Little Miami State Park Management Plan - 2012.02.19
Financial Audit - 2015
Tax Documents - 2020


Purchase Approval & Reimbursement - 2015.08.18, MDreschMileage and Meal Reimbursement
Conflict of Interest
Privacy Online
Records Retention and Disposition
Trail Signage

Expense Reimbursement

Expense Transmittal Form for email submission (Excel document, must be downloaded to view)
Expense Transmittal Form for printing and mailing (PDF) 

Volunteer Agreement Forms

FLMSP Auto Liability form (for drivers on the trail)

ODNR Individual Volunteer Agreement & Waiver Forms
One-Day Volunteer Agreement, Adult - 2018.03
One-Day Volunteer Agreement, Minor - 2018.03


"Your Trail Needs You" Tri-fold - 2018.04.pdf, JSlater
This is a two-sided document; print first page and reinsert to print second page on reverse.

Counting Program

2019-2020 Trail Usage Report

Equipment Inventories

Chainsaw Crew Caches - 2014.10.08, DMills
Tool Caches - 2014.10.08, DMills
Special Equipment, Adopter & Volunteer Supplies - 2014.10.08, DMills
Cincinnati Community Toolbank - 2014.04.23


Trail Adopters Guide - 2015.11.21, original version
Trail Adopters Guide (abridged) - 2015.11.21, abridged version
Trail Sentinel Duties - 2021.05, DHahn
Chainsaw Teams Guide - 2013.09.23
Debris Blower Instructions - 2013.11.06
Debris Blower Operator Safety Training video
Bump Grinding Procedure - 2013.11.15
Root Cutter Action Plan - 2015.11.11, GStockham

Native Plants Recommended for Planting in Scenic River Corridors


Invasive Plant Control

Autumn Olive
Japanese Knotweed
Oriental Bittersweet
Tree of Heaven

Original Trail Plan Maps

1 Terrace Park Site Plans
2 Milford to Loveland Plans
3 Loveland to Morrow Plans
4 Morrow to Oregonia Plans
5 Oregonia to Corwin Plans
6 Corwin Staging Area
7 Corwin to Hedges Plans

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