Stay On Two Feet

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Actors in a theater wish each other good luck in a rather strange way by saying “break a leg.” Cyclists wish one another well by urging others to “stay on two wheels.” This time of year, whether you are retrieving your mail, walking your dog or hiking the Little Miami Trail, you run the risk of slipping. My daughter recently slipped on ice and sustained a concussion. Fortunately, she recovered quickly, but her experience led her to research safe winter walking. Here’s the advice my daughter has for you:

1. Focus on the task at hand and avoid distractions, especially those involving your cell phone. Don’t text and walk on ice!

2. Rather than walk like a human, waddle like a penguin. Take short steps and keep your center of gravity over one leg.

3. Utilize a walking stick, trekking poles or a cane. These devices aid your balance and allow you to maintain contact with the ground.

4. Wear spiked overshoes. For about $10, you can purchase a pair of rubberized overshoes with metallic spikes that easily slip on and off and provide sure footing on ice.

Deep bruising? Broken hip? Serious concussion? Here’s your chance to rewind the movie and to stay on two feet while walking on ice. Spring will be here soon, but meanwhile, stay safe in the waning winter weeks.


by Erick Wikum
March 2019

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