The Friends of the Little Miami State Park (FLMSP) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization working to maintain and improve the 50-mile Little Miami State Park paved trail. We work closely with the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources to preserve the park’s natural river setting while creating a safe, enjoyable experience for all trail users.

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FLMSP conforms to the highest industry standards applied to non-profits, making it well qualified for grant consideration and for donor confidence. The Friends volunteer their labor and skills because we love the trail and want others to enjoy it as much as we do!

Consider joining us on—or off—the trail.  We're always looking for volunteers.  You can pick up brush and litter on an Adopt-a-Trail team, share a special skill or resource in Special Ops, or help promote our work in the community and through media. Everyone is welcome; every effort helps.  The amount of time you devote is always your decision, and your work will always be sincerely appreciated. 

FLMSP's Best Projects of 2015

Root Cutting Team 2015.12
1. Root cutting  

Bumps and cracks across the trail: a continuing problem that has its roots in the roots—tree roots, that is, that encroach under the trail.

Grinding the Bumps

JoeHermann grinding 450

The trail is smoother now thanks to the efforts of the bump-grinding team, who in November scarified 300 bumps down to ¼ inch or less.

Hensey Culvert Flows Again

Hensey Culvert3 267x200

When FLMSP volunteers Bruce Cortright, Paul Morgan, and Don Hahn came upon fellow volunteer Mel Hensey near Fosters that day in 2012, he had dried blood on his forehead from an accident earlier in his work session. 

Our Partners

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