June Storm Damage

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Heavy rain and flooding from thunderstorms on June 17 brought an onslaught of debris and mud to sections of the trail in the Corwin and Oregonia areas (mile markers 17 to 23).

A 100-yard stretch of mud covered the trail at mile marker 17.5, with other stretches nearby, creating a hazardous situation for trail users. Some of the wash-over came from clogged culverts and drainage ditches; some came from debris washing down from nearby hillsides. A tree fell on and damaged a trail safety fence just north of Corwin.

FLMSP volunteers and ODNR swung into action to remedy the damage. ODNR’s backhoe scooped the mud off the trail and cleared ditches while FLMSP’s Tom McCray followed with a shovel to complete the trail clearing. The FLMSP fence crew quickly repaired the damaged fence. The photos best tell the story of the FLMSP/ODNR cooperative effort to restore the trail’s condition.

2019.06.24 mud N of Corwin pic5 sm

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 Fence Repair, Before & After: North of Corwin

2019.06 tree down on fence N of Corwin

2019.06 fence repair complete sm




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