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With beautiful late summer weather, ten employees and family members of Advics Manufacturing Company headed down the trail south of Fosters perform several much-needed tasks.

Based in Lebanon Ohio, Advics is a major supplier of automotive braking and anti-skid systems. The volunteer event was set up by Advic's Jeff Reed and Michelle Snow and the team logged in 31 volunteer hours.

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Facilitated by FLMSP’s Rick Forrester, three goals were obtained. First, the team performed much-needed maintenance work on the picnic shelter area near the power lines at the 40-mile marker. Grass removal out of the gravel pad was hard work but with mattocks, shovels, and rakes, it was quickly finished. A combi-tool was used to cut back vegetation on three sides of the shelter area, and to prep the area for the installation of a native Ohio prairie and wildflower pollinator garden/waystation next spring.

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Next, the team moved south a short distance to plant 37 trees/shrubs on the east side of the trail in a barren area devastated by the Emerald Ash Borer.   Five species of trees (silky dogwood, white flowering dogwood, red oak, redbud, sycamore) and four species of high-growing bushes (buttonbush, black chokeberry, ninebark, spicebush) were planted to revegetate the section.

Lastly, several large honeysuckle trees were removed and stumps were treated to prevent regrowth.  With hand saws and loppers, lots of sweat went into that adventure, and the steep slope kept the crew on their toes (most of the time!).

It was great work and our appreciation goes out to Advics for helping the Park!

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 Article and photos by Rick Forrester
September 2019

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