Hensey Culvert Flows Again

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When FLMSP volunteers Bruce Cortright, Paul Morgan, and Don Hahn came upon fellow volunteer Mel Hensey near Fosters that day in 2012, he had dried blood on his forehead from an accident earlier in his work session. 

Working Together

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Joint workdays with Friends volunteers and state park employees not only make important trail improvements, but also symbolize a cooperative spirit that benefits all trail users.

New Trees on the Trail!

2015.11.01 tree planting 400x300

“The best time to plant trees is 25 years ago,” one of our reforestation volunteers reminded us. “The second best time is today!” Their recent efforts, however, were not second-best, but whole-hearted and productive.

A Safer Intersection

2015.09.30NewBurlington 400x300

This New Burlington trail intersection is safer now after a tough group of 9 FLMSP volunteers removed some fencing and cleared underbrush.

Our Partners

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