Improvements for 2016

2016.01 looking N at SaltRunBridge MEgan400

The Little Miami Trail can be beautiful in winter, but spring is coming! Here are highlights of the improvements you'll see in 2016.

FLMSP's Best Projects of 2015

Root Cutting Team 2015.12
1. Root cutting  

Bumps and cracks across the trail: a continuing problem that has its roots in the roots—tree roots, that is, that encroach under the trail.

Grinding the Bumps

JoeHermann grinding 450

The trail is smoother now thanks to the efforts of the bump-grinding team, who in November scarified 300 bumps down to ¼ inch or less.

Hensey Culvert Flows Again

Hensey Culvert3 267x200

When FLMSP volunteers Bruce Cortright, Paul Morgan, and Don Hahn came upon fellow volunteer Mel Hensey near Fosters that day in 2012, he had dried blood on his forehead from an accident earlier in his work session. 

Our Partners

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