Safer Intersections

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Intersection safety improvements was a major focus for FLMSP in 2019, and the results have made the trail safer for all users.

The Friends worked with ODOT and local governments to provide signage and pavement markings that warn motorists of trail users crossing on roads (but remember that it is the trail user's responsibility to give way to vehicles at all intersections). A solar-powered, flashing stop sign was installed to warn trail users of the dangerous intersection at Stubbs Mills Road near Morrow. FLMSP volunteers also improved sight lines at 40 trail intersections, cutting back vegetation to establish a 45-degree angle of sight for trail users to see vehicles and vehicles to see trail users. Volunteers also repainted all the mile markers on the trail, which serve not only as aids to trail users but also to emergency vehicles when needed. 

The Friends are grateful to the Osher Family Foundation and individual donors for providing funding for the safety improvements, to the FLMSP volunteers who worked with local transportation officials and vendors, and all those who cleared vegetation, painted and installed these improvements that benefit all trail users and may prevent a serious injury or save a life.

 Intersection "laddering," before and after:

intersection ladder beforeintersection ladder after

Clearing to improve sight lines:
2019.10 cleared sight line 600

Road signage to alert vehicles, before trail and at trail:
FLMSP A Signs FarFLMSP A Signs Near  






Flashing Stop Sign, Stubbs Mill Rd.:
2019.08 StubbsMillsFlashingStop smaller

Mile markers:

2019 mile marker painted 400

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