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Our first stop was 50 West Brewing Company on Wooster Pike across from the Newtown Bridge.  About 120,000 trail users go past this spot each year.  The closest trail parking is located just in front of The Little Miami Golf Center on Newtown Road.  It is about a third of a mile from that point.  People my age (I graduated high school in 1979) will remember this location as The Heritage Restaurant.  An old Volkswagen Van outside sets the restaurant ambience. As you enter the front door, you know it is a brewery from the smell of the grain fermenting in the brew house. Inside the decor is casual and inviting.  There is a large bar area with low ceilings and lots of wood finish.  It’s an easy environment to sit in and just enjoy the company of friends.  It wasn’t crowded at all, so we were able to sit wherever we wanted.  There were 3 of us today, George, Joe and me (John).  We were greeted immediately by the bartender who was also our server.  He was very friendly and helpful in helping us decide on drink and food.

50W 400 walkinThey serve only their own brew.  I had the Into the Sunset Summer Ale at the recommendation of our server.  It was refreshing—good hop with a taste of lemon, but not too much.  George had the Punch You In the EyePA.  Joe just had a Coke.  We ordered the Pork Belly Fries as a starter.  These were great.  Fried red potatoes, crispy bacon, apple slices and a tasty sauce.  There was plenty for the 3 of us, but if we had another person, I think we would have been left feeling a little shorted.

For the main course I had the 50 West Melt, basically a hamburger on rye, $12.  It was good.  You could taste the bacon and house dressing.  I wasn’t asked how I wanted the burger cooked, so for me it was a little overcooked, but not so much that it lost its taste.  It was plenty to eat for me and didn’t fall apart like some burgers I’ve had.

50W Steak S wich 300x400George ordered the Steak Sandwich, a thick and large rare roast beef sandwich with salad greens, $12. Joe had the Hot Ham and Cheese, $11. Both of their sandwiches looked huge compared to my burger.  If I go back, I will likely try the steak sandwich.  It looked really good.  Lots of meat, cooked medium, so there was just enough pink.  George could only eat half of it.

On a scale of 1 to 5 bike bells, I rate the overall experience a 4. Joe gives it a 3.5. The only ding is the price.  I have just gotten used to paying $9 for a burger, so I’m not ready to pay $12 yet.  Also, the beer was a little pricey.  Other than that, service was great and the atmosphere was such that we were able to have great conversation and enjoy our meal.  If you want to try 50 West, I recommend you go in the evening when there is a little more crowd and you’re in the mood to spend a little time to enjoy yourself.  There is a nice outdoor patio that would be pleasant at that time of day.  It’s easy to get to and you don’t feel like you have to clean up too much after your afternoon walk, run or ride.

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50 West Brewing Company  
7668 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati
phone: 513/834-8789
Hours:  Daily 11 am to 11 pm 
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Beer and liquor available. 15 in-house beers on draft, $5 to $7 per serving. Soups and salads, $4 to $12; appetizers $8 to $12; sandwiches $8 to $12; entrees $14 to $16.  Comfortable, low-key ambiance.

Reviewed June 2017

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