Safe Trails: You Have the Power!

Deadfall on Trail 600

You are out enjoying the Little Miami Scenic Trail on a bright, sunny day and come upon a fallen tree. What do you do? On another day, you encounter a section of the trail that is covered with branches and leaves. What do you do? On yet another day, you find that mud and gravel cover the trail. What do you do?
As a trail user, you have a super-power that you may not know you possess. In each of these cases, you can exercise that super-power as follows:

1. Take a deep practice breath and then breathe out.
2. Now, take a really, really deep breath.
3. Remove your cell phone from your pocket.
4. Take a picture of the trail issue.
5. Open your texting application.
6. Select the Trail Hotline number from your contact list.
7. Report the location of the problem trail section (relative to the nearest milepost or road intersection) and the nature of the problem and attach the picture.
8. Send the text.
9. Breathe out (no huffing, puffing, or blowing needed).

by Erick Wikum
August 2023

The volunteers you can summon using the Trail Hotline use chain saws, leaf blowers, shovels, and other implements to clear up problems like these on a regular basis, but they need to know where and when their assistance is needed. That’s your role. Exercising your super-power requires strong lungs, but more importantly, it requires that you add the Trail Hotline (513-212-6958) to your phone contact list. Do it now.
Use the Trail Hotline to report trail maintenance issues. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.


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