Safe Trails: Be Nice. Trails are for Everyone.

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The Rails-to-Trails conservancy (RTC) serves as the national voice for the rail-to-trail movement and works to bring the power of trails to communities across the country. RTC’s mission includes “reimagining public spaces to create safe ways for everyone to walk, bike and be active outdoors.”
RTC has published a series of short, humorous videos to emphasize the power of trail sharing under the byline “Be nice. Trails are for Everyone.” These videos, which can be accessed here, provide the following tips:

   1. Use Safe Speeds
   2. Keep Right, Pass Left
   3. Standing Still? Stand Aside
   4. Mind Your Pets
   5. Be Alert
   6. Know and Follow the Rules

The last tip recognizes the fact that rules vary from trail to trail. Among specific rules (available here) for the Little Miami State Park are the following:
   1. Obey the speed limit of 20mph.
   2. Call out “on your left” when passing.
   3. Walk your pet on a leash no longer than six feet and maintain control of your pet at all times.
   4. Do not wear headphones or earphones while cycling.

RTC’s tips provide some useful, specific guidance for using and sharing the trail safely. These six rules and a variety of others can be summed up in just two words—be nice!

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