Safe Trails: Return to Trail Checklist

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Are you ready for some baseball--oops, warmer weather--to get back out on the Little Miami Scenic Trail? Before you take to the trail this late winter and early spring, review this checklist to ensure you are ready for a safe and enjoyable experience.

o Cross with Care: Come to a complete stop before at road crossing stop signs. Never assume that the road will be clear and that you will not need to stop, no matter how much you are enjoying making time on the trail. Check both ways, looking left, then right, then left again. Do not cross until you are entirely confident that you can do so safely. Cross quickly while continuing to observe the state of traffic.

o Check your Equipment: Are your bicycle brakes, wheels and tires in good working order? Consider taking your bike to a local shop for a tune-up. If your helmet is more than 5-10 years old or has been involved in a crash, replace it. Ensure your helmet is properly sized and adjusted to fit level on your head and low on your forehead.

o Review Trail Etiquette: Announce “passing on your left” and provide a wide berth when passing others. Slow down when approaching others, especially those with young children or pets. When stopped, move off of the trail. Walk or ride in single file when encountering others.

Warm days are coming soon. The trail beckons. Baseball will have to wait.


Erick Wikum
March 2022

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