Safe Trails: Hot, Hot, Hot!

by Erick Wikum

Hot temps and high humidity can give rise to serious and even life-threatening heat-related illnesses.  You can prevent these illnesses by following a few simple measures.  Avoid exercising during the heat of the day.  When you do exercise, limit duration, hydrate with water or sports drink and wear light-weight, light-colored clothing.  For your own safety and for the safety of fellow trail users who might need your help, know what to look for to diagnose heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and what to do for each one by carefully reviewing the graphic.  Err on the side of caution; offering too much care is better than offering too little.  Carry a fully-charged cell phone, so that you can summon assistance for yourself or others.  During these dog days of summer, enjoy the trail, but be smart and be safe.

Heat Related Illnesses


July 2021 

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