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Before setting off for a walk along the Little Miami Scenic Trail, it helps to start with a little R&R.  Here, R&R refers not to Rest and Relaxation, but to Rights and Responsibilities.  Whether you’re walking alone or with others, you have the same right (yes, the same right) to enjoy the trail as anyone else (see All Users Are Equal).  As a user of the trail with full-fledged rights, you also have responsibilities to keep fellow trail users and yourself safe.  Among these responsibilities are the following:

·         Stay on your side of the trail and better yet, stay “tight right” to allow others easily to pass.

·         Preferably, walk single file.  If you choose to walk two abreast, pay attention and move to a single file formation when others approach from the front or rear.

·         When stopping to converse with someone you meet on the trail, move off of the trail surface.

·         When walking your dog, use a hand-held leash no longer than six feet.

These responsibilities might be summed up in four words—"be courteous to others.”  As a multi-use trail, the Little Miami Scenic Trail provides recreation for many types of users, including walkers.  No matter how you choose to use the trail, treat others courteously and both they and you will enjoy all the trail has to offer safely.

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