Danger Lurks

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The arrival of cool, crisp, windy, fall weather is no reason to stop using the Little Miami River Scenic Trail, but it is reason to beware of hazards that can arise this time of year.

The pleasant crunch of leaves beneath hiking boots, running shoes, roller blade wheels or bicycle tires can be exhilarating, but sticks or stones hidden under leaves can lead to twisted ankles, skinned knees or unexpected spills. Slippery conditions can occur when algae-covered portions of the trail become wet, or when moisture or puddles freeze. To stay safe amidst these potential dangers, follow these three safety tips.

     1. Check the weather, perhaps avoiding trail use when conditions are very cold and damp.
     2. Test the surface of the trail to gauge whether or not the trail is slippery for you.
     3. Be observant and, to the extent possible, choose a path that avoids leaves, sticks, rocks, puddles and other obstacles.

Friends of the Little Miami State Park (FLMSP) owns two vehicle-pulled, industrial-strength leaf blowers which it uses periodically to remove debris from the trail. If you would like to assist with this or other important trail safety or maintenance tasks, visit the Friends’ volunteer page.

When using the trail during this season, stay on your two feet or two wheels; enjoy fall, but don’t fall!


Article by Erick Wikum
Photo by Mike Egan
November 2018

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