Flick a Stick

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by Erick Wikum

Cross-country skiers encourage one another to “flick a stick,” removing sticks they encounter while skiing with the flick of a ski pole to keep the trail clear and clean. High winds can litter cross-country skiing trails with sticks and leaves, which are a nuisance at best and a safety hazard at worst. The same is true for the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Tree litter ranging from branches to buckeyes can pose a risk for all trail users. A small amount of effort by each of us can help. Take a short break from walking, running, roller blading or riding to remove the largest of objects. Before bending down to pick up a stick, scan the trail for fast approaching cyclists. Toss sticks well clear of the trail. Leave heavy lifting to the trail crews. Report downed trees and other hazards by calling the Trail Hotline at (513) 212-6958 with a description of the problem and its location (milepost number). Add the hotline to your mobile phone contacts list now. The next time you are on the Little Miami Scenic Trail, flick a stick or two. Your fellow trail users will thank you.

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