Trees Go To Pot(s)

2017.04.09Trees before potting 4x3

As ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer continue to fall in our park, a new generation of native trees is taking their place thanks to the reforestation efforts of FLMSP volunteers.


2017.04.09 Potted Trees 325x433On April 9, a crew of 12 prepped and potted an incredible 448 baby bare-root trees in FLMSP Reforestation leader Rick Forrester’s backyard/nursery. “It was a great day to pot the trees with beautiful sunshine and everyone jumped right in to work efficiently and effectively,” said Rick. “Our efforts started at noon and lasted until we ran out of pots around 3:30.”

Tasks included mixing dirt and mulch, spray painting stakes, labeling flag tape with species name, potting trees, organizing them in rows by species, and watering all the baby saplings.

The trees and shrubs potted by the group represent twenty species native to the southern Ohio river-valley habitat. Thanks to a donation of 300 more baby trees by Warren County Soil & Water Conservation, the potting continues. All trees will be cared for in Rick’s backyard until it’s time to plant them near the trail in late fall. Many volunteers will be needed then for transplanting, so watch future issues of TrailMail for details.

To all the volunteers who helped with this important project, thank you. Your hard work will benefit our park and trail users for generations to come.

2017.04.09 FLMSP tree potting Group 470x3752017.04.09 Mulch men 492x300

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