Two Safety Projects

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Double yellow lines extending 100 feet on each side of road intersections signal "no passing" as well as warn trail users to use caution as they approach the intersection. Lines were painted Nov. 3 at 33 intersections in Greene and Warren Counties, the first repainting in more than 10 years, and at the Lebanon spur trail for the first time.

Intersection lines south of Loveland were not repainted at this time since work for replacing culverts and repaving is underway there.

While the intersection lines are recommended by ODNR, which manages the trail in our state park, center lines the length of the trail are not recommended except on sharp curves or hills which are not present on our trail.

Crack filling and sealing on the Warren County trail section was completed in September. Crack sealing, funded in part by Cincinnati-based Interact for Health, was contracted by FLMSP to smooth the surface and extend the life of the asphalt. Cracks were not filled in the Greene County portion of the trail since repaving is planned there in the near future, and hot asphalt on uncured crack-filling tar can result in surface bumps. The trail in Warren County will be repaved as soon as funds become available. Cracks south of Loveland were filled in 2013.

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