Got Vampires? Here's Help . . .

2016.07.10 RForresterstakes 4x3533p

Thanks to a donation of scrap wood strips from Dave Mitchell of Paxton Lumber, the FLMSP Reforestation Team will have a supply of stakes for newly planted trees for several years.

Rick Forrester reports that the 12-foot-long bale of strips was loaded onto a rented trailer with two forklifts, and then Paul Morgan accompanied him on an “exciting” ride back to Rick’s home in Maineville. “The bale was 3000 pounds, and trying to wiggle left and right and go up and down hills just after it had rained was an experience. Luckily, my 4-wheel drive off-road Silverado was up to the task and we unloaded the bale on my driveway.” 

Then Rick began cutting the wood strips into stakes. “After 2 hours, I had 125 stakes and was only one tenth of the way through the pile!” He is soliciting volunteer help to cut the rest of the stakes.

It’s enterprising volunteers like Rick Forrester who help the Friends stretch every penny to care for the trail.

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