FLMSP helps Morrow improve Phegley Park

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This spring, the Village of Morrow made major improvements to Phegley Park on Center Street between Main Street and Kibbey Avenue with the addition of state-of-the-art playground equipment in the center of the park. This has made the park a destination for kids and families arriving by auto, by foot, and by bicycle via the Little Miami Scenic trail that runs along the north edge of the park. To support the village efforts, the Friends of the Little Miami State Park made the village our focus effort for 2023, adding park entry point amenities along the trail at Phegley Park and into the village along the old railroad station.


First, FLMSP’s volunteers removed a 3-sided shed that sat on park property near the Phegley Park restrooms. We believe the cinder block building was intended to be used to hold feed and straw for horsemen using the trail, but it had not been used for years.

Next, FLMSP acquired a variety of Ohio native plants and trees to plant along the trail for several blocks of Main Street. These replaced flowering pear trees removed in the last several years because of their age and interference with the power lines. After a few years of growth, the native bushes and trees should add a nice border and shade along the trail.

A new pollinator garden planted by FLMSP volunteers adds more beauty behind the Phegley Park restroom building. FLMSP worked with Austin Miller, owner of Birdsong Nursery, in the design of the garden; Bill Newton, owner of Greenfield Farms, offered his expertise on the selection of plantings and provided them at wholesale prices. The Ohio native flowers are already attracting butterflies and other pollinators.

2023.09 PhegleyParkMorrow kiosk 400An information kiosk built by FLMSP near the restroom building and the trail includes a map, history, and information about the Little Miami State Park. The kiosk also provides display cases for the village of Morrow to display information about its history and village activities. FLMSP completed the improvements to the park entry point amenities by installing a bench near the kiosk. We thank the folks at Appletree Pet Clinic of Deer Park for their generous donation which funded these improvements.

Friends of the Little Miami State Park also thank the Village of Morrow Maintenance Staff for their help to our volunteers in making these improvements. Of special note and appreciation is the village staff stepping up and completing the removal of the foundation of the old 3-sided shed when the FLMSP team discovered the removal was greater than our skill and tools could handle.


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