Replica Train Signal Installed

2022.05 TrainSignal looks like orig equipmt to tower crop3x4

The train tracks may be gone, but a restored train signal tower now proudly stands beside the Little Miami State Park trail. 


The signal towers were originally lit to notify trains of the status of the track ahead. They have stood along the tracks for probably 100 years, and sat unused for the last 50 years since the end of train operations on the Little Miami Railroad.

 Restoring the signal tower near Terrace Park to resemble an operating signal was the idea of longtime Friends of the Little Miami State Park volunteer Bruce Cortright. On May 17 Bruce and his FLMSP southern maintenance crew completed the work to make the vision a reality.

Lots of curious walkers and riders stopped by to inquire during installation and everyone seemed very pleased with the results.

The sister signal on the other side of the trail is the next to be restored. Stop by and take a look the next time you’re on the trail.

1. Bruce brought all the needed tools. The first step was installing scaffolding.

2022.05 TrainSignal erecting scaffolding for installation

2. Bruce Cortright and Bill Brown high above the trail.
2022.05 TrainSignal BCortwrightBBrown high above the trail

3. The irresistible patina of a 100-year-old train signal tower.
2022.05 TrainSignal patina

4. Bruce researched the proper orientation for the signal light.
2022.05 TrainSignal BCortwright researched signal light orientation

5. Bill and Bruce admire the completed job.
2022.05 TrainSignal BBrownBCortright completed

Article by Bill Brown

May 2022

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