Trail Closings: Grandin Rd. Intersection

2022.05 TrailClosed sign Grandin 600

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is now closed at the Peters Cartridge Factory and will remain closed through early 2023. The trail is expected to be open for parts of the spring, summer, and fall seasons in 2023 with the exception of a few closures for construction of the relocated trail to the existing trail, erection of the new bridge steel superstructure, and demolition of the existing bridge. 

Until now, trail users have had to navigate the busy and awkward King Avenue/Grandin Road crossing at the Cartridge Factory. When work is completed, this crossing will be eliminated, replaced by a tunnel separating road traffic from trail traffic entirely. Won’t that be nice!

Large signs announcing the closure are in place on the trail not only at the site of the closure, but also well in advance on either side of this site. If the experience with last year’s trail closing at Foster to resurface the US 22/SR 3 bridge is any indication, some thoughtless trail users will ignore these signs and go around the barriers. These trail users (scofflaws) will put not only themselves, but others (including construction workers) in danger, and risk being apprehended. CLOSED means closed; NO means no!

Is it possible for bicyclists to bypass the closure using roads? While it might be possible, it is by no means advisable and here’s why. The trail is closed, but so too is the road, and the volume of vehicular traffic on alternate roads has increased significantly. Delays are leading to irate drivers, and bicycles and such drivers don’t mix. If you wish to access one portion of the trail or the other, drive to a trailhead.

While this trail closure is a major nuisance, a safer, improved trail awaits. In the meantime, be patient, but continue to enjoy the trail north of or south of the Peters Cartridge Factory. And by all means, stay away from the construction site. No means no!

For more information on the bridge replacement project, see the King Ave. Bridge Improvements Project website.

Photos: Above, approaching Grandin Rd. and Peters Cartridge from the north; Below, warning sign at Foster. The trail is closed ono 1,000 feet either side of the intersection.

2022.05.13 TrailClosedAhead Foster 600


by Erick Wikum
May 2022


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