Fence Repair Crew Summary, 2021

2021.04 FenceWork

Fewer thunderstorms and severe winds meant the FLMSP Fence Crew had fewer emergency fence repairs (often trees toppling over, causing damage). But in 2021 the crew made repairs on fences from Mile Marker 7.0 all the way south to Mile Marker 55.

The biggest repair was at the north end of the trail, south of Spring Valley, where a large section of fence had been removed intact to clear a culvert. The crew had to disassemble the removed sections of fence, and then rebuild the fence. For most of the repairs, the crew was able to recycle lumber.

2021.Fence crew RichEasterlyRodGossettGeorgeStockhamBernieKingsolverIn 2021 George Stockham retired from the fence crew, passing on his well-worn gloves and work boots to the newest Fence Repair crewmember, Bernie Kingsolver. Bernie adds youth to the crew and a new insight to accomplish our tasks. Thank you, George, for your hard work and dedication! George remains active with basic Trail maintenance. Occasionally, when our work is south of Loveland we will drag Ray Jacobson, the original Fence Repair Leader, out of retirement and get him to lend a helping hand. Cody (the canine crew member) retains the title of "Fence Inspector." But just like George, he too is slowing down.

First on the list of fence repairs for 2022 will be at the intersection of the trail with Wilmington Road, where vandals removed a section of fence.

by Rich Easterly, Fence Repair Leader

Above: Fence Repair Crew, R to L: Rich Easterly, Rod Gossett, Bernie Kingsolver, George Stockham
Below: Fence reconstruction near Spring Valley, before and after
IMG 3529

2021.12 Fence repair complete at SpgValley mm7.0 REasterly

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