Trail Tale: Adopting Bigfoot

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Our trail needs new Adopters, especially on sections between Morrow and Corwin. Here's the story of how a new pair of trail adopters discovered their opportunity to contribute to our beautiful trail.


by Diane Wright

My boyfriend Howard and I started hiking the Buckeye Trail by sections in August of 2020.  We live in the Cincinnati area, and had spent time on the Little Miami Trail on our bikes, but it was really something to hike it and see it up close as we walked.

2021.04 DianeWright BuckeyeTrailWhen we reached the section between Stubbs Mill and Morrow, we were touched and saddened by the memorials there near Stubbs Mill.  Then we hiked a bit further and came to the place where the trail crosses over Bigfoot Run, a little creek that makes its way along the trail and then into the Little Miami.  

You have to know this about me:  I've been fascinated by Bigfoot since I was little, long before the TV shows.  And it's not so much that I "believe" or "don't believe," but I'm fascinated by the stories that go back hundreds of years, and the ways people's lives change when they think they have seen one.  

In any case, a few feet away from the sign on the bridge saying "Bigfoot Run," there was a sign saying the section needed to be adopted.  

Maybe it was the endorphins (it had been a long hike that day), but we decided then and there we should adopt that section.

We hope that our experience, and our ongoing adventure on the Buckeye Trail (up to 168 miles now) might inspire more people to get out and explore all the beautiful trails our region has to offer.  And we both agree, the Little Miami Scenic Trail is the shining jewel of our path so far.

We look forward to bringing groups of our friends and family out to help keep the trail in tip-top shape.

FLMSP Note: To learn more about adopting a trail section or other volunteer opportunites on the trail, click here.

2021 04 DWright adopter crew 650

Top: Diane Wright and Howard Ammons
Middle: Diane points to Buckeye Trail sign at Stubbs Mill Rd.
Bottom: Diane and Howard (right) and their crew clean up the trail.

April 2021

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