Battling the Slumps

2018.04 FostersSlump 300x400Regular users of the trail between Loveland and Morrow are all too aware of three areas of asphalt failure we call “slumps”—two just south of Fosters and one near Morrow. Recently a trail user contacted FLMSP about his concern that the slumps are hazardous for cyclists not familiar with the area. He asked Mark, the owner of the Monkey Bar at Fosters, for a couple of orange cones to mark the locations, which Mark gladly provided.

Trail users who are concerned for the safety of others along with local businesses that are willing to help out are just the kind of people that improve the trail for everyone, and FLMSP thanks them for their efforts.

FLMSP has been battling these slumps for a couple of years now, and the fight continues. Last year 24 tons of gravel was dumped in the slump at mile 38.0 before it was patched, and another team of volunteers used railroad ties to shore up the slump farther north. But these are only temporary fixes. The underlying problem of natural riverbank erosion continues.

The slumps are on the state park’s list for engineering evaluation to determine the long-term fix. As with other issues, the constraints are money and the rigid restrictions for river bank modifications on a river nationally designated "wild & scenic."
As we await a more permanent slump solution, ODNR and FLMSP will continue to place warning markers and apply short-term fixes. FLMSP is even now obtaining more gravel and cold patch to improve the condition. Please use caution near the slumps, and continue to alert us about safety concerns.

May 2018

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