Safe Trails: Your Turn

SafetyFirstby Erick Wikum

In recent months, TrailMail has included safety articles covering the following topics:

  • Keeping the trail free of debris (flick sticks off of the trail or call the Trail Hotline at (513) 212-6958 to report downed trees or other large hazards).
  • Respecting the rights of all trail users, especially children.
  • Being prepared for trail adventures by carrying sunscreen, water or sports drink and nutrition, identification and your mobile phone.
  • Wearing a helmet, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your head.
  • Dealing with unexpected obstacles when biking by looking where you want to go rather than at what you want to avoid.
  • Enjoying the trail safely during the winter season.

During last year’s survey of trail users, about half of respondents cited road intersections as a major concern. Next month’s TrailMail will include road crossing safety tips.

Now it’s your turn to suggest future topics for this column. What safety issues have you experienced or witnessed that should be addressed? What safety advice would you like to share with fellow trail users? Please share your ideas by emailing TrailMail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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