Little Miami River: in like a lion, out like a lamb

Recent rains transformed the Little Miami River into a raging fury, but flooding quickly receded, as the following paired photos taken April 4 (left) and April 8, 2018 (right) show.

Photos and Videos by Erick Wikum

2018.04.04 MathersMill 400x3002018.04.08 MathersMill 400x300
Above: Mather’s Mill ODNR Public Access at Wilmington Road

2018.04.04 MorgansCanoeLivery 400x3002018.04.08MorgansCanoeRte.350E 400x300
(Above) East Parking Lot of Morgan Canoe Livery at Ohio 350 East


Little Miami River trailside waterfall north of Morrow, April 4, 2018

Little Miami River Mathers Mill ODNR Public Access, April 4, 2018

Little Miami River near Cowen Run, April 4, 2018

Little Miami River Near Jeremiah Morrow Hwy 71 Bridge, April 4, 2018

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