Time to Plant Trees!

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Spring is Tree-Planting Time! Volunteers are needed for the last two weeks in April and first week of May. With hundreds of trees and shrubs to plant, there is no better way to get outside, enjoy nature, and spent time with friends with similar goals to save the environment.

Digging hole for tree cropsmallNo experience is necessary. This year, we are focusing on planting directly after receipt of the trees/ shrubs, rather than potting the trees for a fall planting. This will take an intense burst of activity as plants cannot survive long bare rooted. 

The Friends group began planting trees and shrubs in 2015 and to date have planted over 1145 native Ohio trees and shrubs to replace dead ash, reforest barren sections of the trail, and out-compete invasive honeysuckle. The biological diversity of the park has also been improved by planting 44 different species in compliance with state and national scenic river riparian ecosystem regulations. Volunteers have spent over 750 hours planting trees and shrubs for future generations. The majority of plants were purchased from various county soil/water conservation districts and these were supplemented by donations from companies and individuals. For more information on helping this important program, contact Rick Forrester.

Going Native!
Because the Little Miami is a state and national scenic river, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources maintains lists of species that are allowed to be planted in the park to ensure the river corridor retains its original, natural Ohio characteristics. With over 2000 ash trees removed due to the emerald ash borer, there is plenty of room for new appropriate trees to be planted as replacements. Here is a list of the approved large tree species. Next time you are down on the trail, try and see how many of the species you can identify.

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