New Memorial Bench

2018.06 Orcutt family at memorial bench

A big thank you to Nancy and Dick Orcutt who generously donated a trail bench in memory of their son, Douglas Orcutt, who passed away in 2013.

The Orcutt family has been active on the trail for many years so Nancy and Dick wanted to honor their son’s memory by giving fellow trail users a place to rest and enjoy the beauty of the area. The Orcutt family gathered in Loveland in June when
Nancy and Dick surprised them with the bench honoring their son, father, husband and brother.

Doug enjoyed biking the trail where he spent months training with his 16 year-old son, Ryan, in preparation for their cross-country bike ride in the summer of 2005. Their ride began in Seaside, Oregon and ended 59 days and 3400 miles later in Washington DC. Doug wrote a book about their experience, which included these words of advice:
“Don’t allow yourself to become trapped by seemingly impossible obstacles
to obtain your goals. Take the first step forward today, and watch your steps
turn into an amazing run! What are you waiting for?”
“Let every day be an adventure”

We’re thankful for the generosity of the Orcutt family and happy they chose this way to honor their son. Trail users will be happy to have this new place to rest a half mile south of Beech Road, between mile marker 45 and 45.5.

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